Five steps that enable us to ensure a colorful wardrobe with an eye on sustainability, timelessness and respect for the environment.

duurzaamheid hampton bays

For each collection, we first look at which and how many pieces are purchased by retailers before producing them.
In that way we avoid having too much stock. 

From the meters of fabric that remain, we make colorful tote bags and useful small pouches. Fun to combine with the looks of the season, but above all practical and timeless. As you can see, not a single piece of fabric is wasted.

duurzaamheid en hampton bays

We are always open to collaborating with other organizations/people to make Hampton Bays as sustainable as possible. Our last collab was with étoui, a student initiative that made fun bags out of leftover fabrics.

Do you have an idea, a solution or do you envision a sustainable collaboration? Hit us up at

sustainable hampton bays

HB team’s philosophy 

Our team philosophy is paramount to take good care of each other and the environment. We encourage each other to always discover and explore innovative sustainable opportunities. Together, we are aiming to offer our customers the
lowest-polluting wardrobe possible. 

Refounder Daisy Plas aims to combine silhouettes across seasons. Print and color are key, yet you can always combine pieces from previous collections to create unique combinations. 

As we use high-quality materials, Hampton Bays clothing can be worn for a long time. Therefore, we recommend you to take a close look at how you should wash your clothes so that you can enjoy them as long as possible.

sustainable yarns hampton bays

All yarns for the garments are coming from Italy as they guarantee quality products for years and as they are not far away; which reduces our carbon footprint. 

All of our clothing labels are made up of recycled fabrics.
Step by step we strive to apply this to all materials in the collection.  

For 30 years Hampton Bays has been a player in the fashion world, with our knowledge and expertise we are only cooperating with manufacturers that apply our team's philosophy. 

sustainable process

We are fully working on our sustainable journey and are therefore open to any suggestion, organization or person that helps us take another few steps forward to a more sustainable future.